HRH the tritoneking — electric/midi/modeling guitar project

2 Electronic Dance Music improvs seamlessly segued, showing the midi and modeling capabilities of this very special guitar: a Godin TriplePlay LGXT with Boss GP-10 guitar processor, an RC-300 loop station, and with the guitar connected to a Mac with Logic Pro and controlled by an iPad.

Doing superhero magic with my electric uke! And because I wanted the most unique set of keywords, it’s a flamenco funk techno hard rock electric ukulele remix of my Bulería. Enjoy!

A Drum ‘n’ Bass and Hard Rock remix of one of my most popular pieces “1=3=7” live at the amazing XIX Collective multisensory dome in NYC.

"√2" explosive ending! at the XIX Collective multisensory dome
EDM Improv 3 at the XIX Collective multisensory dome

This is the piece that either begins or ends my shows. The piece is intended to be enjoyed in 7.2 surround sound, because the music goes around in circles and envelops the listener. It is also best experienced with a ButtKicker subwoofer along with a regular subwoofer so that you can feel the bass in your entire body. For the full experience, come to my shows at the xix Collective multisensory dome in Long Island City, just three blocks away from Times Square. It’s a truly totally immersive and engrossing experience!